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Our Adventure

We met in November of 2008 at a B.A.S.I.C (brothers and sisters in Christ) meeting at our local college (Onondaga community college)
I was the outgoing, wild and free homeschooled girl who graduated at 16 with big city plans, majoring in business while taking photography classes to fulfill a passion I have had since I was a kid.
He was the quiet, laid back, small town boy ready for some more adventure in his life. 
They say opposites attract and man was this the case for us!
Neither of us going to college in search for love but that's where love found us. 10 months of dating and we got married the day after I turned 18, excited do start the adventure of life as 1!
We have been inseparable since the day we met, always finding ways to be closer and work as a team. 
Nomadic Creative Media is our baby, we've spent years thinking of ways to be able to work together as a team to match our lifestyle of  travel and cherishing each moment together. We absolutely love working side by side, getting to be witness to love shared and capturing those moments for each one of you! 

Travel has always been something we loved, dreaming of our next vacation as each one ended, wishing we never had to go back to "reality". 
In 2018 we almost lost our son to undiagnosed type 1 diabetes and in that season we knew it was time to stop wishing for our next vacation, missing out on so much with our kids, knowing that any moment could be the last! 

So we packed up our 4 kids and hit the road to cherish each and every moment we get with them! Which also fuels our passion to capture the highest quality imagery and videography. Freezing moments in time that are fleeting, with the ability to look through and re-watch those moments again as if it was just yesterday!

We have visited over 30 states! With our lifestyle it gives us the ability to know what breathtaking locations would best fit your needs and create the best results! 

So, give us a call today and let us come be a part of your story!


Hi Friend!!
We are Josh and Cassie Bailey, the husband and wife team behind Nomadic Creative Media! By now you know we offer photography and videography but I would like to share a little bit more about us and where all of this started.....

12 Years ago I (Cassie) started AFG Photography, which grew into something beautiful!!! Up until 2 years ago I was only based out of upstate NY but my passion to travel grew and grew.

In February of 2019 we almost lost our son to type 1 diabetes and in that moment we finally made the big leap to move into our RV with all 4 kids and travel the country! These moments we get to spend as a family are priceless and we didn't want to miss out on experience these things while our kids were still young. 

Josh has always had a love for videography! Coaxing his siblings into making home made videos every chance he got even into adulthood. Finally fed up with construction for 16 years he was ready to pour into his true passion of creating beautiful story telling videos that loved ones could replay again and again reminiscing the day! 

So the only logical thing to do was to combine our 2 businesses as a team, living and capturing the adventure wherever we go! 


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