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Each session includes a pre consult to create a unique vision for your photoshoot. This includes wardrobe guidance to select the right wardrobe, location planning and a run through of what to expect and how to get the best results during your photoshoot experience. 

Once your session is complete you will receive an online gallery with lightly edited proof images to choose the amount of photos included in your package that are your favorite to then be created into the fine art imagery. 

Once editing is complete you have the option to choose a fine art print package using my high-quality print company that delivers the best of the best artistic products with your images printed on them. 

Each Package includes a print release and guidance to the best consumer level print companies if you choose to not have them professionally printed. 

Fine Art Kids

These session begin with creative planning. Sometimes they involve a composite of your child edited on the moon or in a fairytale scene, other times we incorporate things that bring your child joy. No matter the direction chosen it will always be a session that is full of keep sake art work that evokes creative thought.
Going into each session relaxed and stress free to ensure your child(ren) feel comfortable letting their personalities shine to have the best end result possible!

Couples & Engagement 

Imagine a romantic canoe ride down the calm rivers, or a walk through the deep forest with smells of pine and sun leaking in. Slow dancing at the top of a mountain, or an intimate session in the ocean. No matter the adventure you choose, these sessions always feel like a date than a chore and usually filled with connecting to one another as I give you prompts and fun suggestions to get true smiles and to bring out the beautiful aspects of your relationship whether it be a passionate one or a more laid back goofy one. 



Senior sessions are specifically tailored around their passions and interests as they finish their last year of high school and prepare to make their mark in this world. Making sure to bring a creative flare to the hobbies and talents that each senior has. 
We will go over the best poses and prompts to create a fun environment for them to feel comfortable being themselves in front of the camera. 
Each fine art senior session is full of character producing imagery that tells their story.


As every parent knows these moments are fleeting as our babies grow so fast before our eyes!! Pausing these moments in time with authentic laughter, tickle fights, moments of connecting and enjoying these sweet moments as a family is my mission for every unique family session experience. 
Whether going on an adventure, recreating memories at a meaningful location or starting new traditions, it's my goal to showcase the love that is shared between each of you.

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